Previously named Classy-Coiffure Hair which was ran solely by Megan as a hair salon.


The Hair Lounge offers a vast range of hairdressing services for women, men & children of all ages.

We specialise in Wedding hair, Colouring, Cutting & Styling as well as all other aspects of hairdressing in our relaxed, tranquil and friendly atmosphere.

We offer complimentary refreshments, free wifi and parking.

Late night hair appointments is also available on Wednesday until 8pm.

*All technical services need a skin test 48hrs prior to treatment*

Hair and Beauty Salon Thornbury

The Hair Lounge.

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Cutting & Styling

Restyle Wash, Cut & Blowdry 

Ladies Wash, Cut & Blowdry 

Wash & Blowdry

Glamorous Blowdry

Wet/Dry Cut

Party Curls 

Hair up

Conditioning Treatments









Gents & Children

Gents Cut & Finish 

Gents Dry Cut  

Gents Clipper Cut


Boys Cut & Finish 

Girls Cut & Finish 

Ages 12-17 From 









T-Section Short Hair

T-Section Long Hair

Half Head Short Hair

Half Head Long Hair

Full Head Short Hair

Full Head Long Hair


Balayage/Ombre Short/Med/Long

Colour Correction By Quotation

Scattered Foils 

Full Head Colour Short Hair

Full Head Colour Long Hair

Root Retouch


Gents Colour 














Tests before a technical service


  • Skin Test- Skin tests are performed to ensure there are no allergies or irritation to the products we use. Prior to carrying out a colouring service a skin test must be carried out 48 hours before (unless they have had a colour within the last 3 months by us). A skin test is done by applying a small amount of colour behind your ear.

  • Porosity/Elasticity Test - An elasticity test is done Before any chemical treatment or part of our consultation process, we will take a single strand of damp hair  and gently stretch it to test the structure of the hair. When the hair is in good condition the hair should stretch back to normal. Hair with poor elasticity will not return back to normal length and could be damaged further or break off if a colour is applied. A porosity test is done before any chemical treatment or part of our consultation process, on dry hair. We will take a small section of hair and using the thumb and first finger we stroke hair from points to roots. This is to test the external structure (the cuticle) of the hair and the absorption. Your hair should feel smooth, rough hair will indicate your hair is very porous hair. Porous Hair could be damaged further by chemical services or may result in the chemical process being uneven and fading quickly.

  • Strand Test -This test is performed during the colouring process. It is to check a bleaching or toning process to ensure the achievement of the correct shade required.

  • Test Cutting-  A test cutting is very important in situations where the hair is damaged or the intention is to attempt a dramatic alteration to the colour of the hair. Test cuttings are used in colour processes to ensure that the hair will respond properly to the processes planned, and that said processes won't result in damage to the hair. It's also important when our stylist cannot be certain what other colours or chemicals have been used on the hair in the past.